Welcome to Experiencer’s Network, a place where you connect with others who’ve had out of the oridinary or paranormal experiences. Here we share with others of like mind, connect the dots, put together all the pieces of the puzzle and come up with new paradigms to explain, understand and feel comfortable with new realities that shape today’s world.In our network, we connect Experiencers with specially trained counselors who’ve studied with the experts in this field (like Budd Hopkins, John Mack and many others, some whom are now deceased). From the masters our counselors em learned how to do hypnotherapy without leading, counsel and support Experiencers as they awaken to new information. They encourage their clients how to discover our human potential,learn, expand, grow, awaken, bcome aware, conscious and fully embrace most extraordinary lives.

Here we focus on creating safety for “us” to come out of the closet, free ourselves from the matrix and create a support system so we can feel better about ourselves and better cope with our “out-of-the ordinary” lives and experiences.

Sightings of UFOs and entities are increasingly becoming the norm. The 2012 UFO Congress in February in Scottsdale, AZ had 85 or more people daily attend the Experiencers Support group led by Yvonne Smith over the five days of the conference. Often it was so full some had to be turned away.

I attended those meetings and was amazed at the testimonials from a wide variety of people from all walks of life. They shared how they had contact with aliens in their homes or had unexplained episodes while driving down the road. They wanted to share, express and find validation and support with others who’ve had similar experiences.

From ancient aliens to Sumer, Egypt, Machu Piccu, 2012, the Mayan calendar and the end of time, things are happening so fast it’s obvious that something’s really happening. We’re waking up. We feel it. It’s obvious, self-evident, in our bones, our hair stands up.

It seems they’ve been with us since the beginning of time. Doesn’t everyone see it? How can they miss it? But they do. They’re programmed. So it’s scary to come out with the truth as the ones we know and love may not be receptive. While they’re not ready and we don’t feel safe to share with them, we need to express and connect with others so we can maintain our sanity.

This web site’s our haven, our sanctuary, created just for you who’ve found us so we can love, support and express together, remember who we truly are in the cosmic game of totality.

We’re here for you and will serve as a center point for resources as they find us and we add and share them as this web site grows to meet this ever-growing phenomenon that soon will encompass the planet.

The truth is out there. Hang in there. Believe. Hold space for the others. Be there for them as they too awaken to all the possibilities this new world of disclosure and full conscious contact can bring to humanity.