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From FIRST CONTACT * (Dragon at the End of Time Series) by Janet Kira Lessin [pp 61-68]

Antonio Vilas-Boas, a Brazilian farmer at his homestead close to São Francisco de Sales, said that extraterrestrials abducted him in 1957 when he was 23.

As he worked his tractor at night (to avoid scorching daytime heat), Boas saw what looked like a “crimson star” in the sky). As the light came closer, he saw a red beacon at the front of a shiny, egg-shape atop which a dome rotated.

The ship stretched three legs, stabilized in the plowed dirt, and landed next to Boas. He initially tried to escape on his tractor, but its lights and motor shut down after a few yards. Four people, about 5 feet tall, who wore grey coveralls and helmets, emerged and came toward Boas. He jumped off the tractor and ran.

One of the people, obviously a human of some sort, caught him. It had tiny, blue eyes and made noises like barks or yelps to Boas. Three entities that looked alike helped the first one overpower Boas. They pulled him into their ship, stripped him, covered him head-to-toe with a strange gel, and examined him.

The saucer people took Boas next into a large semicircular room through a doorway with red symbols. Boas memorized the symbols (reproduced in our graphic), where they drew blood from his chin. Then they took him to a third room, left him alone for 30 minutes, and pumped gas into it. The gas made Boas violently ill.

The humanoids took the confused Boas into a semicircular room. This room featured red symbols on its walls. His captors took his blood samples, left him alone, then pumped a strange gas that sickened him.

As he recovered from his vile, his captors brought him into another room into which entered a beautiful 5-foot tall humanoid female, naked with a small, pointed chin, prominent, blue catlike eyes, and long, white, platinum-blonde hair on her head. She had bright red hair above her vagina and under her arms.

Though she spoke a little, Boas said he felt strongly attracted to her. They copulated twice but did not kiss. However, during coitus, the female nipped him on the chin.

When he was satiated, she smiled at him, rubbed her belly, smiled, and pointed to the sky. She pointed to her lower abdomen, indicating her womb. She rubbed her belly and pointed upwards to the sky [the way Giorgio Tsoukalos does]. Her gesture, Boas said, meant they conceived a child to raise on another world or in space.

He said that the female showed signs of relief that they had fulfilled their mission.


Janet Kira Lessin

I am an Experiencer which means I've had experiences with extraterrestrials, inter-dimesionals and the paranormal. I've been in contact with ghosts and ETs since the crib. I plan on sharing some of my stories here on this site. I've published a book called "Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil" which is an autobiographical series covering this lifetime, my experiences with ETs and others plus my pastlives and how they weave one with another and intertwine with my ET experiences throughout time.

I have become aware that I am a multi-dimensional being having many experiences in many lifetimes and forms and so are we all. I hope through this web site and the writings I share along with the stories you share, we awaken humanity to the awareness of our true nature and free this planet from war, violence, death and disease.

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