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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Clifford Stone on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio, Studio B (, Sunday, August 3, 2014 from 8 to 10 PM, Eastern time.

UFO crash-recovery specialist, former Army Sergeant, Clifford Stone, tells hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin “We did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies with some of these crashes, some ET s from the crashes were alive,” he said.  The military used Stone to communicate telepathically with ET s they took prisoner.  Among several types of Greys, the bodies and ET prisoners included “Individuals that look much us, that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference,” he said.  The list Stone’s team studied detailed 57 different species of alien life forms, many of whom Stone witnessed. Hear, on this dynamite show, Sgt. Stone reveal the hidden truths about our alien prisoners.


A former Army Sergeant, Clifford Stone, has said the US Government had tried to suppress what he actually seen one strange day in Pennsylvania, back in 1969. “I was involved in situations where we actually did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes. Also some of these were alive,” he said. “While we were doing this, we were telling the American public there was nothing to it.

We were telling the world there was nothing to it,” Mr Stone added, “You have individuals that look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference,” he said. Stone claimed to have catalogued 57 different species of alien life forms. Clifford Stone is unique among those experiencing and investigating UFO and ET phenomenon. He spent 22 years in the US Army as a part of an extremely elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO or ET craft, bodies, and artifacts. Since his retirement from the Army, he has devoted his time to a diligent Freedom of Information Act search of government archives.


He maintains that we have knowledge that intelligent life is visiting this planet in craft capable of traveling distances of many light years very quickly; effectively bypassing acceptably known physics. Further, he stresses that our recovery of these ET craftand artifacts have allowed our government to make staggering scientific gains of great potential benefit to the world. He maintains, as do many others, that this information is held in deeply secret programs beyond Constitutional controls and safeguards, and that despite the end of the cold war, those controlling these ‘black projects’ have continued to keep these important discoveries to themselves and for motives known only to them. –

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Clifford Stone: Need To Know -Truth Connections

Clifford Stone ~ Need To Know ~ Truth Connections Radio ~ October 8, 2013 ~

Truth Connections welcomes Clifford Stone, a man who is highly respected in the UFO community as a person with high honor and integrity. Clifford Stone retired after 22 years of service as a Sergeant 1st Class from the U.S. ARMY.

He also held a Secret Clearance in Special Operations with Nuclear Assurity and performed UFO Crash Recovery missions as a first responder and helped to keep living ET’s alive until medics arrived on the scene. He is also an ET Interface who was brought in to communicate with EBE’s aka Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, telepathically that were being held by the U.S. as prisoners. Clifford still maintains communication with an ET called Korona. ( An artist rendition of Korona is featured in this show graphic, above. ) We will also discuss his paranormal abilities that began early on in childhood.

He participated in the 2001 National Press Club, Disclosure Project press conference going on the record that we had categorized at the time he left the military, that there were 57 types of ET races and that many of them were humanoid, could walk around and we couldn’t tell the difference between them and human beings. He also proclaimed that he would state what he knew in a court of law, what he knows about the ET cover-up at that press club event, because the people had a right to know the truth.

His book titled ‘Eyes Only: The Story of UFO and Crash Retrievals’, is on sale at Amazon and all of the proceeds go right back to charity.…

Clifford acquired a mountain of valuable ‘top secret’, ‘need to know basis’ information that we will uncover. He doesn’t just talk about his experiences he can back them up with many millions of pages of documentation. We will discuss his experience in the military and many aspects of disclosure, space and why its important we approach these topics from a place of peace, enlightenment and a higher state of consciousness.

Veritas Radio | Sgt Clifford Stone | Eyes Only: The Story of Clifford Stone and UFO Crash Retrievals

Published on Mar 24, 2012
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This interview with Sgt. Clifford Stone was filmed at the 2012 International UFO Congress. This section offers audio only. To watch video of this interview CLICK HERE.

“My name is Sergeant 1st Class, US Army, Clifford Stone. I had a secret clearance with nuclear assurity. I was called in on special operations, I participated in crash recovery missions. There were bodies involved. Some were alive. While we were doing this, we were telling the world there was nothing to it.”

Wow. It’s great to hear from someone who’s actually worked with crashed UFOs, and the ETs found on board. Retired from the U.S. Army after 22 years, Sgt. Stone has been revealing what he saw and knows since Dr. Steven Greer’s 2001 National Press Club DISCLOSURE PROJECT conference. You’ve seen the YouTube footage (over a billion views, Mel says). Stone is the guy whose answer to a question is that the government has catalogued at least 57 ET species.

Stone was trained to be an ET first responder. He had a kind of field guide to ET types and how to keep them alive until medics arrived.

Stone was also an interfacer, brought in to communicate with live EBEs; telepathically, of course.

Like so many whose lives become entangled with ET realities, Stone hints that he was probably cultivated from a young age for future assignments. He talks about one strange “training mission” to “Florida,” where they came upon Grays at a gently placed, but shrapnel spewed B-52 in what was likely a Cambodian jungle. “CLIF-FORD. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” He is asked, telepathically.

We hear about a downed craft in Virginia, of all places, where Stone was brought in to interface with an EBE. The little guy exuded fear. He asked Stone for help. Said there was a big problem ahead. Stone got ET home, safe and sound.

Why are we seeing so many UFOs these days, Mel asks.

“I think they know something we don’t, and that’s the part that worries me,” says Stone.

Stone has amassed over 500 million pages of documents in support of his case that the U.S. has been involved with ETs since the early 40s, if not before, and he’s still at it. He’s got a new book out that he hopes will encourage others to reveal their ET experiences.

“Our visitors have rogue elements with access to technology,” Stone says. “But with that said, if any of these rogue elements were to threaten us, others would come to our aid and neutralize that threat. That may be what’s happening out in space. Something is.

“Someone needs to come and say: ‘First of all don’t panic, but here’s the facts.’ That will be the start of disclosure. Otherwise some event is going to happen that thousands of people will witness. A lot of people will panic and we’ll be our own worst enemies.

“I want my message to be one of enlightenment, and hope for a new beginning and a brighter future. Yes they’re here. They’re not hostile. They are very spiritually and technologically evolved. They mean us no harm.”

You’ll want to catch Mel’s 2009 interview with Sgt. Stone in the Veritas archives.

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I am an Experiencer which means I've had experiences with extraterrestrials, inter-dimesionals and the paranormal. I've been in contact with ghosts and ETs since the crib. I plan on sharing some of my stories here on this site. I've published a book called "Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil" which is an autobiographical series covering this lifetime, my experiences with ETs and others plus my pastlives and how they weave one with another and intertwine with my ET experiences throughout time.

I have become aware that I am a multi-dimensional being having many experiences in many lifetimes and forms and so are we all. I hope through this web site and the writings I share along with the stories you share, we awaken humanity to the awareness of our true nature and free this planet from war, violence, death and disease.

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