Janet Kira Lessin on Johnston Atoll

JANET KIRA LESSIN is an author, educator, experiencer, contactee, researcher, radio show host, workshop leader and counselor. She and her husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin, facilitate experiencers at conferences, in skype groups and in their growth center in Maui, Hawaii. She works with those who channel, who engage in shamanic journeywork, or who use tantric ritual to access the superconscious. Likewise, her specialties include tarrying with those who experience abduction, astral contact or paranormal activity, who belong to alien contact groups, or who have supernormal and nature guides. Janet’s practice encompasses those who access the dead, experienced near death experiences, who get powerful psychic intimations, who experience themselves and others as multidimensional. In her practice, Janet helps ground those in contact with the metacosmic void.

At 13, saddened with the hypocrisy of religion, Janet embarked on a spiritual path–read hundreds of books on the paranormal, psychology and consciousness expansion and, in seminars and counseling, overcame her childhood abuse issues and learned to help others. In 1997, Janet wed Dr. Sasha Lessin and began teaching with him. In their work with experiencers, contactees and pyschics, the Lessins adapt methods from Holotropic Breathwork, Existential Analyasis, Tantra, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Past and Future Life Regression and Progression as well as Imago Work. They teach experiencers how to center themselves and integrate the energies they access in extraterrestrial and interdimensional, as well as paranormal experiences.

Janet is the author of Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil
Janet is the co-author of Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods & Anunnaki: False Gods

Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin, 1371 Malaihi Road, Wailuku, HI  96793, office 808-244-4103, cell 808-214-3442, skype: janetlessin.   The Lessins teach and employ hypnosis, Jungian Pastlife Therapy, Holotropic Breathworker, Yoga, Tantra, Spirit Releasement, Extraterrestrial and exopolitical deprogramming, Voice Dialogue Centering, Existential Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Spiritual growth and Psychosynthesis.

Websites:www.schoolofcounseling.com, www.extraterrestrialcontact.comwww.enkispeaks.comwww.schooloftantra.comwww.worldpolyamoryassociation.com, www.worldpeaceassociation.com, www.ninmah.comwww.experiencersnetwork.comwww.aliencontactorganization.com and www.aquarianradio.com plus related facebook sites on counseling, extraterrestrial and paranormal contact. They specialize in clearing intensives, facilitated regression, progression and shamanic journeywork.
Available for in-person, phone or skype sessions.  email: sashalessinphd@aol.com and janetlessin@gmail.com

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MILITARY & GREYS TOOK ME TO ANUNNAKI & THE MOTHER DRAGON: Janet Kira Lessin’s Experiences with Extraterrestrials

Janet Kira Lessin, author of “Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil” is a lifelong Contactee (Experiencer) who embodies Ninmah Consciousness (the Mother of Humanity).  Janet shares how extraterrestrials challenged her to bring joy and justice to humanity.  Their challenge awakened her and reminded her of the mission she chose before she incarnated as human.

In her presentation Janet describes her development as the hero in the fabled “Hero’s Journey”, the universal, archetypal journey that’s available to us all.  Her story illustrates how each and every one of us can “get our guiding myth, embody that which seems greater than self and transcend limitations that keep us locked in the perverted matrix .  Thus empowered we create a world that serves and supports ourselves, all we love , all humanity, all beings and our beloved planet.

ET contact began for Janet when she was a babe in the crib when she got her initial call to be a key to utopia for humanity. Initially, when contacted she shifted from babe to eternal self so she might understand what was being conveyed.  At 18 months she agreed to fully emerge into the human experience and from then on contact shifted from human consciousness to eternal consciousness depending on the circumstances.

In 1996 when she was 42, U.S. Military accompanied Greys which took her to the subterranean base under Johnston Atoll in the Pacific. There Tall Anunnaki Whites adorned her in a jeweled gown and shoes, led her to a gigantic cavern deep underneath the Earth.  Surrounded by 1000 Anunnaki, she met the golden Mother Goddess Dragon.  While eye gazing and looking deep into each others’ souls, the Mother confirmed Janet role as a key to the coming utopia.

Contact continued throughout her life and continues to this day. Two years ago Janet bi-located and represented humanity as an Ambassador in a conference of the Federation of Planets with representatives of 100,000 conscious, sentient races.  At that point in this linear time she became aware she regularly attends these meetings and also she’s not the only one who represents humanity.  Perhaps you are an ambassador as well.

Janet regularly accesses Ninmah, the mother of humanity.  She reveals spiritual, meditative and consciousness-raising, kundalini -activating tantric and esoteric secrets that each of us can learn to use to facilitate contact with enlightened and evolved extraterrestrials that wish us well.  As each of us becomes awakened we affect the morphogenic field that uplevels all humanity.  Disclosure no longer becomes an issue only in control of those in power but becomes a tool of all humanity to empower ourselves and take back our planet and reality for the highest good of all beings.