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Abduction_03Several years ago at the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona I stood up in front of the Experiencer’s group and told the group about my experience where I was on board a Mother Ship when I was four years old, teleported there by unseen means and was shown 24 different multiverses.  I remember my knees were shaking as I told my story and my voice kept cutting in and out from my nervousness.  But I got my story out.

I went back to the next meeting. I believe there were 5 or 6 meetings throughout the conference.  I went to each one and at each meeting I got up in front of everyone and told yet another piece of my ET story.

After one session a man from Canada named Mark came up and asked if we could talk. He wanted to help spread the word, get more people involved and help create a new paradigm where others could meet, in person or online, and share their stories.

MannyWe decided to create this web site.  He provided funding and I hired a young man named Emmanuel Bombardier to create the site for us.  Poor Manny died of cancer on June 5, 2014 and didn’t live long enough to see how this is taking off at last. But we greatly appreciate his dedication and love and know he now walks with angels on the other side for he was very much the angel himself. Bless you Manny. May you rest in peace.

1480625_573606832712346_856428098_nThis is the second generation of that site and we’re now utilizing a WordPress Buddy format template so you can interact with all of us. Here you can join, create a profile and share your stories.  You can use your real name or select an Avatar. Either way is perfect. We exist for YOU to share your story, let the world know that we already have disclosure, contact is here and we are ready for contact.

Here we provide support for those who desire counseling. We are creating a network of hypnotherapists and counselors who are here to help you integrate your extraterrestrial contact experience so you better understand what contact means to you and how it affects your life and perhaps the lives of your family.

8276093_f1024 (2)We’re developing conferences, support groups and workshops, places where you can meet, share, learn, express, regress, cathart and integrate what you discover to improve your life and enhance your comprehension of this phenomena and what it means for humanity and this planet.  We’ve joined forces with the good folks at FREE (www.experiencer.co).  Our journey’s just begun. We have a ton of work yet to do yet we welcome this opportunity to meet you, work with you and your loved ones.

Answers come from YOU, the Experiencers who are having contact, receiving messages (often called downloads) and have been on board ship. Sometimes contactees have been used in breeding programs.  Answers come from you either consciously or with the help of a skilled hypnotherapist who will assist you through your process and is free from any personal agenda, retrieve information from your subconscious.

I hope the stories here help you in your awakening. We’d love to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting our site.  May your journeys here on planet Earth or in space be pleasant and full of joy.

Mahalo, Blessings,

Janet Kira Lessin

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