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Hosts: Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin

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Dr. Sasha Lessin discusses and gives exercises on how to deal with the spirits of the departed.  Janet Kira Lessin describes her encounters with and wisdom she gained from the dead, including Michael Jackson.  Sasha interviews Janet as she reviews her lifelong contacts with ghosts, discarnates, interdimensionals and other unexplained phenomena.  Ghosts of relatives and former inhabitants of her house in Pittsburgh visited Janet throughout her childhood.

The day Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, he came to assist Janet through a difficult, potentially life threatening situation.  He remained attached to her after she was safe and played his songs in her mind till she finally asked her husband, a hypnotherapist to hypnotize her and see why Michael was trying to contact her.

In the session Michael came through Janet and used her voice without taking her over.  When Michael first appeared (visible in Janet’s minds’ eye), Farrah Fawcett was holding Michael in her arms, gently soothing him as he wept.  When Michael was calm enough to speak he explained that no one else could see them.   Farrah and Michael had died the same day, literally hours apart from one another.  Michael was hurt, confused and shocked as he did not expect to die.  He believed that he would live to a ripe old age long enough to hold his grandchildren.

Facilitated by Dr. Lessin, Janet allowed Michael to do his life review and process intense emotions.  Dr. Lessin helped him process and integrate the awareness that he was no longer in his body.  He and Janet went in their light bodies outside of time to witness all the prayers, thoughts, rituals and emotional reaction everyone was having to his death, and Michael relaxed, felt comforted by the outpour of love coming  from around the world.

For more details on this incredible experience, listen to the show.