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Interview with Elohim Contactee Ashwin Farinacci [NEW 2012]

Published on May 8, 2012 by Arman Romney

For unknown reasons Youtube keeps deleting this video, please download and share. His story and confession of experiences are remarkable.

This is the official interview with Contactee Ashwin Farinacci filmed and conducted in Orange County,California in 2012.

Interview with Ashwin Farinacci, Abductee 2012



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he have awakened…felt the same thing on my awakening…simptons that i felt were sensitivity to light…all light appears to be more brighter than usual…constant fell of true love for everyone and everything…in some way we become wiser and words flow from the mouth…like we have easyness to explain things…had an OBE as well…anyone knows how can i contact Ashwin?

slipsouce 20 hours ago 4

On the other hand, this interview is not Ashwin’s production. I imagine someone else is in charge of when it get’s posted. He appears to be a very decent guy and perfectly sane, knowing what the backlash will be for sharing this information. No one in their right mind would tell a story like this if it wasn’t true. This is life-changing stuff. Everyone’s been lied to for so long, some are over-skeptical & have a hard time seeing the truth when it does come along. Just give him a chance.

Fesheca 2 days ago in playlist Interview with Elohim Contactee 4

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I admire the fact that you opened up. I too got very emotional. Love.Peace.Unity

John Goldberg in reply to yopaigemorris(Show the comment) 19 hours ago in playlist More videos from Arman Romney

Try messaging the uploaded for some info..Maybe he has a connection

John Goldberg in reply to slipsouce(Show the comment) 19 hours ago in playlist More videos from Arman Romney

thumbs up so Ashwin can see.

yopaigemorris in reply to slipsouce(Show the comment) 19 hours ago

Thats your soul crying because it knows the truth when it hears it. Wisdom is virtue

Prophet Mordecai in reply to yopaigemorris(Show the comment) 20 hours ago

What a delight to find someone else 🙂 The elohim can speak to you threw messengers like Ashwin…Listen closely, multiple times a day and each time you will find something new. Blessings and Hugs

nancy flowers in reply to yopaigemorris(Show the comment) 21 hours ago

thank you! i’ve also watched the wisdom of elohim, which also made me cry 🙂 i just wish it could happen. i even started meditating, i hope to speak with one of elohim.

yopaigemorris in reply to nancy flowers(Show the comment) 21 hours ago

yes yes

keeennnyyy21 in reply to Fesheca(Show the comment) 23 hours ago

This did tear me up…I believe if you cry watching this – You are one of the few MEANT to see it because it resonates with you.

nancy flowers in reply to yopaigemorris(Show the comment) 1 day ago

did this make anyone else cry?

yopaigemorris 1 day ago

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  1. This is a very inspiring testimonial from a sincere Contactee/Experiencer. I personally have seen variations on the future, so I don’t believe any of it’s locked in stone. We need to focus on positive paradigms, outcomes and future histories which best serve humanity, all beings, creatures, this planet, her features, land, enviornment. There is a win-for-all. Armageddon and apocolyptic programs are just that, programs, designed to grab your attention and make you focus on that outcome. That focus gives that outcome power, control over your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

    Love is the answer. Notice you focus on something negative. Bless it, let it go. See it like a thought form you release as though you let go of a string on a balloon. It floats away, into the Universe, to God.dess Source itself where it’s recycled into more positive vibes of love.

    Never play victim. No need. Love is all there really is.

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  3. RemoteViewer says:

    hello! 😀 I would love to view this interview. Unfortunally it is on private hehe. can I somehow watch this PLS? Thanks!! 😀

    1. I wasn’t aware it was private. I will upload other interviews to make up for it. Sorry, they must have changed it after I uploaded it.

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