Emmanuel Bombardier, also known as Social Manny, has mastered the Science and the Art of our never-ending technological evolution.

Combining his traditional business knowledge with the teachings of some of the Wealthiest people in the World, Emmanuel has been on the leading edge of this Evolutionary Shift.

He specializes in Vibrational Marketing, Branding, web 2.0 and 3.0.

He has been a consultant for Multi-Million Dollar firms and International Leaders such as Les Brown. Merging his Structural and Online genius with FLOW and his HEART in the lead, his businesses have grown exponentially.

Now, Emmanuel travels the world teaching a new way of BEing in Business with Ping! Intuitive Communications.

[testimonial company=”www.FutureSpeaking.com” author=”Summer Simonton”]
When I met Manny and saw some of his work, I knew he would “get me” and was the person I had been looking for to update my new website and advise me on my business. He is so creative, has a brilliant mind for business and all of our meetings have been fun and empowering. He has a way of explaining things to me about building business on the internet that I can understand and I never thought I could before. His patience, love, and overflowing joy make him the kind of person I always look forward to doing business with and am happy to pay. He does things in a timely manner and with a strong desire to make you happy. I always feel inspired when I talk or meet with him. He is a magical person and I feel blessed to have attracted him to me.

[one_half][testimonial company=”www.TheMoneyDance.com” author=”Sharon Cox”]
Emmanuel has that rare ability to tap into your energy field, acknowledge, clarify and refine a web message that reflects the best aspects of his clients. I know, because I’m one of them!

[one_half_last][testimonial company=”www.LesBrown.com” author=”Les Brown”]
Wasn’t long before I new Social Manny was gonna be my main online man! One of my favorite quotes, “If you can think it Les, I can build it!” He is an online Genius with Greatness. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.

[testimonial company=”Student Coordinator” author=”Jenner Martin”]
…I knew there was something special about him. Emmanuel is an EXTRAORDINARY individual and has a lot to offer to the world! He is a Creative, Intelligent, Funny, Vibrant, Courageous, AND Intuitive person with SO much character! His positive energy is enough to make you happy for DAYS! I was amazed at how much I learned about myself being around him for only ONE day! His enthusiasm… was more than appreciated!

Manny died June 6, 2014. Below is a tribute to him.