The Galactic Federation
Forward from Jean Hudon

Personally, my gut feeling is that not only is the Universe teeming with life and all kinds of intelligent beings in the physical realm as well as the invisible ones, but, most importantly, we live in a *benevolent* Universe, and all the fears surreptitiously drummed up by secret government operatives to depict in a negative light our brothers and sisters from other worlds and dimensions as well as the official pronouncements uttered by their overt accomplices to deny their existence are increasingly becoming irrelevant as their presence is seen and felt by more and more people everyday.

However it would be preposterous to think they are here to save us from our own learning experiences as they cannot infringe the most basic universal law of non-interference with our own freewill. Our good, peaceful behavior and speedy spiritual awakening is what will ultimately open the door to their coming on a planetary and unprecedented scale. They have always been here, monitoring our slow evolution and nudging us from time to time in the best direction through the channel of incarnated beings from their evolved ranks and through the selfless assistance of the more advanced elements from our ranks.

But the time of Reunion with the galactic and universal Brotherhood of Light is at hand and most of us will have the unique privilege of taking part in the Great Shift of consciousness and priorities that will ensue.”

– Jean Hudon – Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator — Taken from