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  1. Greg just started this padocst amazing collapse of reality as I’m a long-time KFAI listener I was even interviewed on KFAI briefly about activism for the Free Burma Coalition, activism that took me to L.A. for a protest against Unocal .Anyway didn’t know Jerry was in MUFON and into UFOs, etc. This is awesome. I’ve used the MN Mufon database to corroborate my own big black triangle sighting (too close for comfort) I saw the craft up close as it flew slowly over the tree on our yard. I also saw it on the horizon the lights and watched it head towards our house so I could triangulate it’s size and distance, etc.Anyway ah he’s in Winona. Cool. I biked down there once!! haha. I slept one night on the Mississippi and got there the next day. So it’s over a hundred miles south and on the Mississippi river .I wanted to check out this little houseboat community.O.K. thanks Greg.

    1. Hi- I am so sorry to hear that Ida Kannenberg has passed. I was attnmptieg to contact her when I read your entry today. I have had the same experience that she did, only 20 years after she did. Until I found her “Project Earth” in used book store, I thought that I was indeed crazy and very alone. I am very interested in contacting others who have had this experience to compare details. I regret the passing of this pioneer, but glad to see that she lived long and useful life. Do you know anyone I could discuss her with? I appreciate this avenue.

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